Cats - Adopt

The cats/kittens featured here are all being fostered by volunteers in garden pens and spare rooms around the Stroud area and are looking for new loving owners. All have been health checked and the adults have been neutered.

If you live in the local area and would like to adopt a cat please contact us

tom may  


Gus is a 5 year old tabby and white male cat. He is very affectionate and should be fine with children and well behaved dogs. He is one quarter Bengal and likes to talk to you!

Lola & Frankie  


Ben is a 10 month old black and white male. He is lovely, lively and very affectionate. He has been neutered, however he has a heart murmur. No medication is required at present and he could well be fine for many years, but if he does need medication we would be willing to pay for it. He has been kept as an indoor cat but we think he will enjoy going outside.

tom may  


Sylvester is looking for a special, quiet home without children and with a patient owner. He is a black and white male who is approximately 5 years old. For the past 3 years he has lived in a greenhouse in a garden being fed by a neighbour. When he was brought in he was unneutered and had obviously been in a lot of fights. He has been blood tested, neutered, given a thorough check up and now has a clean bill of health. He is not used to much human contact and gives a little hiss when he first sees you, but he is just scared and will come to see you for a fuss.

tom may  

We also have some kittens available. Contact us for more information.