Cats - Farm & Feral

Feral cats are once domestic cats, or the descendants of once domestic cats, and their offspring, who are now living in the wild. They have little or no contact with humans – they won't come up to you and you can't pick them up - they just like to hunt and eat. They should not be confused with stray cats, who are cats who were raised as pets, but have since become lost or been abandoned.

We will assist in relocating farm and feral cats where possible, neutering them first.

We need to find homes for them first before we trap them as it is not possible to put them in a pen. We are therefore always looking for farms, small holdings and stable owners who are willing to take a cat or two on a permanent basis. Having a small colony of feral cats in such environments is mutually beneficial - they take care of 'Rodent Control' and you supply them with a safe home.

We can lend cat traps to catch unhandleable cats. We tend to put the cat in a stable or outbuilding whilst it gets used to its new surroundings. But if they are kittens aged under 8 weeks, it is usually possible to get them used to people and their company and rehome them in a domestic environment.

If it is not possible to find a new home we will arrange for them to be neutered and returned.

feral cat