Cats - Lost Cats

We know how heartbreaking it can be if your cat goes missing. If you have lost your cat, here are some suggestions of things to do:

  • Ask neighbours to check all sheds and garages, making sure they open them up to look
  • Check houses of neighbours who have recently gone on holiday
  • Check kerbs and hedges in case of an accident
  • Go out into your garden and around the immediate vicinity of your home late at night, call for your cat and take time to listen for a reply. If your cat is shut in somewhere nearby, this is when you are most likely to hear him
  • Check with vets and rescue centres and let them know your cat is missing
  • If your cat is Microchipped, call Petlog on 0844 4633 999 so that they can flag your cat as missing, and also to check any 'found cat' reports in your area
  • Ask the postman to keep a look out for you
  • Put up posters containing a photo around the area (not just in the immediate vicinity)
  • Contact the local newspaper – the Citizen advertise lost and found for free
  • If there is a school close by, contact the headteacher. Children are very observant and like being detectives

If you find your cat, don't forget to contact everyone to let them know.