Volunteer - Fostering

fost bottleOur fosterers take care of cats / kittens temporarily until permanent new homes can be found. Fostering can be rewarding, memorable and hard work. It takes dedication, commitment and time.

5 Valley Cat Rescue will supply a bespoke cat pen for the garden. We make sure the site is right and the ground is prepared. We also provide all items needed, such as baskets, litter trays etc. Day to day fostering running costs will be reimbursed. 5 Valley Cat Rescue pay all veterinary costs whilst the cat is in our care.

Fosterers are expected to care for the cats as they would their own. This means keeping the pen clean, cleaning the litter trays, feeding, brushing long-haired cats, giving cats medication if necessary, but most important giving them lots of TLC.

It can be hard to part with them but it is rewarding to see their new owners' faces when they come to collect them.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a fosterer then please contact us. We can arrange for you to visit one of our existing fosterers for a chat.